AniGame Ägir Figure

Unveiling the Azur Lane Ägir Cheongsam Figure: A Detailed Review!

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AniGame Ägir

Ägir – AniGame

Ägir – AniGame: “New decorations, new outfits, and countless preparations to make… Lunar New Year is quite the busy time of year. Go on, see to your duties. I’m well aware how essential you are to this holiday’s smooth operation. Just don’t keep me waiting all day. Heehee.” – Ägir, Azur Lane

AniGame ÄgirAniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir

Azur Lane’s highly anticipated figure of the ultra-popular super cruiser, Ägir, has been officially unveiled.  The studio who has made this stunning figure is AniGame.  Based on her “Golden Dragon Among Auspicious Clouds” artwork, This figure, featuring Ägir in a cheongsam, looks quite impressive overall. At least, the official photos show it to be reliable and of high quality. Let’s discuss the features and highlights of this figure in detail.

AniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir

Here is another set of pictures that give you a pretty good preview of what you’ll see when you decide to purchase this beauty!

AniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir

The figure’s accessories include: the main character figure, scene accessories (large table, small table, incense burner, smoke effects, and pen holder). At first glance, these seem decent; the necessary details and recreations are present and appear noteworthy. The overall fidelity seems pretty good, although these impressions are just from an initial look.

AniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir AniGame Ägir

Overall, the studio AniGame has created themselves a winner!  With all the beautiful detailing of the popular Azur Lane character along with the features it contains, this truly stunning rendition of Ägir!  We encourage fans of Azur Lane and figure collectors to take a look at this Super Rare Large Cruiser from the Iron Blood faction.  If you’re a fan of this figure, take action now!

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