APEX Akali Figure

A close look at the League of Legends character that's also the Ninja Girl of the popular KDA group!

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APEX Akali

Akali – APEX

Akali – APEX: Pre-orders are available for this figure by APEX. From the League of Legends series, we have one of the playable characters, Akali!  As the hip-hop ninja of the KDA girl group, Akali is beloved by many summoners for her rebellious hairstyle and personality!  This product is now available for pre-order, though we don’t know how long it’ll be available for!

APEX Akali

In terms of outfit, the relaxed fit of the baseball jacket and the tightness of the leather pants are faithfully recreated. The purple jacket features a gradient pearlescent paint technique, with multiple layers of glossy finish to mimic the shiny texture of the leather pants, showcasing rich colors under various angles of light.

APEX Akali APEX Akali APEX Akali APEX Akali

Attention to detail is impeccable, with accessories, the metallic texture of the bracelets, the textured clothing, and even the microphone by her mouth meticulously replicated. The weapon in her hand combines pearlescent and metallic paint, and the jewel parts are made from transparent materials, making them extremely detailed.APEX Akali APEX Akali

APEX Akali

Besides the “standard face,” we also include an alternative faceplate— the “mask face.” The fluorescent paint on the mask is accurately recreated, and under UV light, the glowing patterns on the mask and hat appear particularly magical. The base of Akali can be combined with other products in the series for display.

APEX Akali APEX Akali APEX Akali APEX Akali

The special bonus for pre-ordering this figure is a dragon pattern projection lamp.

APEX Akali

For League Of Legends fans, this figure is a must have!

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