APEX Alice Liddell Figure

Discover the magic of this adorable Alice Liddell figure, made by the illustrator, Star Kagehoshi!

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APEX Alice Liddell

Alice Liddell – APEX

Alice Liddell – APEX: APEX has announced pre-orders for one of their newest creations. An original figure, they call this creation “Alice Liddell,” designed by popular illustrator Star Kagehoshi! This wonderful figure is now available to pre-orders for figure collectors around the world.  Take action now while it’s still available!

APEX Alice Liddell

As the clock turns back, oil paintings flutter—are we in a dream or reality at this moment?

APEX Alice Liddell APEX Alice Liddell APEX Alice Liddell APEX Alice Liddell

With her innocent and cute face, soft and flowing long hair, layered and fluffy skirt, paired with white socks adorned with golden prints, Alice falling into a dreamland is as sweet as a fairy tale. The floating girl seamlessly blends with the three-dimensional scene: Mr. Rabbit guiding the way, a teapot pouring warm tea, and the chess cat figures painted with pearlescent techniques. Every scene faithfully reproduces the original artwork, making it feel as if you are truly in that magical world.

APEX Alice Liddell APEX Alice Liddell APEX Alice Liddell APEX Alice Liddell APEX Alice Liddell APEX Alice LiddellAPEX Alice LiddellAPEX Alice Liddell

The clock floating above the picture frame has a clearly visible gear structure. When powered on, the gears drive the hands to move backward, exploring the wonders of the dream.

APEX Alice Liddell APEX Alice Liddell

The accessories for this figure were specially designed by the original artist, Star Kagehoshi.

For figure collectors, this one is a great addition to have!

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