JingZhi Studio Android 18 Figure

A Detailed Look at this Exquisite 1/6 and 1/4 Scale Figure of Android 18 from Dragon Ball!

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JingZhi Studio Android 18

Android 18 – JingZhi Studio

Android 18 – JingZhi Studio: JingZhi Studio has announced pre-orders for what will likely be a hit for Dragon Ball fans and figure collectors alike!  The studio is proud to present the graceful, yet powerful Android 18, available in 1/6 and 1/4 scale options. The earliest shipments could begin as soon as the first quarter of this year.

JingZhi Studio Android 18

This Android 18 design is quite attractive, with a tall and well-proportioned figure. The art style is pleasing and doesn’t deviate excessively from the anime; at first glance, the accuracy in capturing her temperament is very precise.

JingZhi Studio Android 18

Compared to the original, Android 18’s jeans and white T-shirt fit extremely well, emphasizing her figure! The jeans even feature detailed distressing, further focusing the visual attention firmly on her beautiful legs.

JingZhi Studio Android 18 JingZhi Studio Android 18

The detailing of the distressed jeans is very exquisite; you can even feel the muscle definition!

JingZhi Studio Android 18

The likeness of Android 18’s facial sculpt is also commendable, with an aloof and icy demeanor complemented by crisp, light golden short hair. The more you look, the more captivating it becomes!

JingZhi Studio Android 18

JingZhi Studio Android 18

From the rear view, the slender waist and firm, raised buttocks combine grace with strength.

JingZhi Studio Android 18JingZhi Studio Android 18

The small leather shoes and stacked socks have a touch of retro style.

JingZhi Studio Android 18

With an attractive design and excellent pricing, there’s a lot to like about this figure!  Fans of Dragon Ball and figure collectors will definitely want to keep an eye out for this figure!

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