YZ Studios Armored Titan Figure

Exploring the Might and Legacy of Reiner Braun's Armored Titan

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YZ Studios Armored Titan

Armored Titan – YZ Studios

Armored Titan – YZ Studios: The Armored Titan is a character in the manga “Attack on Titan” by Japanese mangaka Hajime Isayama. As one of the Nine Titans, it possesses a strong and robust physique, standing at 15 meters tall. The last known host of the Armored Titan is Reiner Braun.

YZ Studios Armored Titan

Its entire body is covered in extremely hard armor that can even withstand the blades of the Survey Corps. It can be damaged by Thunder Spears, and the military technology of the mainland (such as the Anti-Titan Artillery) is capable of defeating its armor.

YZ Studios Armored Titan

The joints and other parts that require mobility are not covered by armor for ease of movement. It excels in both offense and defense, but its flexibility is lacking. However, it can shed parts of its armor to increase its speed of movement.

YZ Studios Armored Titan

The Armored Titan has a high appearance frequency in “Attack on Titan,” but its record of victories is relatively few. Due to its outstanding strength and defense, it is hailed as the “Shield of Marley,” but its frequent defeats have led to it being mockingly called the “Paper Shield of Marley.” It is also known by other nicknames such as the “Gatekeeper’s Treasure,” “Beast of Jaws,” “Sitting Titan,” and “Titan of Marriage.”

From official illustrations, the overall accuracy of the depiction is quite good. Less noticeable parts such as the joints are not covered in armor, but the intricate muscle lines are well depicted.

The color and texture of the rock platform have been rendered very realistically, and the treatment of the grassy area is also well done.

YZ Studios Armored Titan

Overall, this work is quite impressive. Make sure not to miss it, my dear friends who are fans of it!

YZ Studios Armored Titan

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