Xingkong Studio Asuka Langley Painting

Capturing the Essence of First Love: A Closer Look at the Exquisite Asuka Artwork by Xingkong Studio

by GKloop
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Xingkong Studio Asuka Langley

Asuka Langley – Xingkong Studio

Asuka Langley – Xingkong Studio: Xingkong Studio has released a framed painting of EVA “School Uniform Asuka,” with a serene style complemented by a fluorescent gradient background, making it exceptionally beautiful.

Xingkong Studio Asuka Langley

This artwork measures 61×40 centimeters and is printed on high-quality German-imported archival paper using Epson original inkjet micro-spraying technology. The color reproduction and gradient delicacy are both outstanding.

Xingkong Studio Asuka Langley

Asuka’s profile is as beautiful as a painting, and the moment she turns her head, the gaze meets, evoking the feeling of first love!

Xingkong Studio Asuka Langley Xingkong Studio Asuka Langley

This print is limited to 66 copies, featuring Hideaki Anno’s handwritten signature and the Starry Sky Studio anti-counterfeit sticker.

Xingkong Studio Asuka Langley

With a limited production run, fans of Evangelion may want to keep an eye on this painting!

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Ledvik January 8, 2024 - 12:44 am

This art is stunning. I have just ordered her also together with the Rei Ayanami painting. Love Evangerion series and this uniform version is so cute, beautiful but also catching characters itself very well. Cant wait to see them on real 🙂


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