Mr. Soap Studio Broly Figure

Discovering the Terrifying Power and Evolution of the Legendary Super Saiyan

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Mr. Soap Studio Broly

Broly – Mr. Soap Studio

Broly – Mr. Soap Studio: In the history of the Saiyan legend, every thousand years, the most powerful super warrior in the entire universe appears, characterized by a bloodthirsty and belligerent nature, possessing an extremely terrifying and formidable combat power. Broly is precisely this legendary Super Saiyan.

Mr. Soap Studio Broly

In his normal state, Broly is a young man with dull eyes and an expressionless face. However, he has a muscular physique, standing at over two meters in height. His arms and legs are proportionally long.

Mr. Soap Studio Broly

Mr. Soap Studio Broly

In the sequel, after sleeping in the Earth’s glaciers for several years, Broly has recovered from Goku’s fatal blow, but he still bears the scars from Goku’s Kamehameha piercing through his chest and back. According to the setting information, Broly’s physique on Earth is even larger than in the previous installment.

Mr. Soap Studio Broly Mr. Soap Studio Broly

He is bare-chested, wearing golden wristbands and a necklace. His lower body is wrapped with red cloth around a golden belt at the waist, and he wears white pants. The design of the necklace, wristbands, and boots is similar to the belt, and he also has circular earrings decorating his ears.

Mr. Soap Studio Broly

After transforming into a Super Saiyan, his personality becomes more savage, and he begins to enjoy destruction. He exists between rationality and combat instinct when not under stimulation. He can barely control himself, becoming bloodthirsty and belligerent after evolving into his ultimate Super Saiyan form.

Mr. Soap Studio Broly

This is a great Broly figure for fans of the character and the series.  With great looks as well as a reasonable price, there’s quite a lot to like about it.  If you’re interested in it, take action now!

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