DP9 Studios Buddha Goku Figure

Immerse Yourself in the Serene World of Dragon Ball with this Buddha Goku figure!

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DP9 Studios Buddha Goku

Buddha Goku – DP9 Studios

Buddha Goku – DP9 Studios: DP9 Studios has released a special figure for Dragon Ball fans.  Introducing their creation, it is Goku cosplaying as a Buddha, available in both mini and Plus versions. The Plus version even has a glowing Nimbus Cloud base!

DP9 Studios Buddha Goku

DP9 Studios Buddha Goku

The mini version of this product stands at 19.5 centimeters, making it suitable for desktop display. The 40-centimeter tall Plus version is a real eye-catcher in any space.

DP9 Studios Buddha Goku

DP9 Studios Buddha Goku

The main body of Little Goku and the Nimbus Cloud can be separated and displayed individually. DP9 Studios Buddha Goku

After lighting up, the Nimbus Cloud of the Plus version emits a soft and hazy light, creating a serene meditation atmosphere when combined with Little Goku’s pose.

DP9 Studios Buddha Goku

Overall, it’s a great figure for any Dragon Ball fan!  Anyone interested should keep a look out for it!

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