Cai Studio Nami Figure

Get ready to be blown away by this hot-bodied swordsman!

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Cai Studio Nami

Nami – Cai Studio

Nami – Cai Studio: Nami, the hot-bodied swordsman, is truly loveable.

Before the serialization of One Piece, Nami was originally designed as a fighter who wielded an axe, but later became a swordsman. This time, Cai studio has recreated Nami with her sword-wielding appearance, incorporating Zoro’s three-sword fighting style.

Cai Studio Nami     

The overall figure depicts Zoro’s classic three-sword stance, with a treasure chest and piles of gold coins at her feet, which perfectly fits Nami’s love of money personality.

Cai Studio Nami

Her orange hair is painted with a gradient effect, her bright eyes are vividly depicted, and the shading on her skin tone looks great, making the surging waves seem about to burst.

Cai Studio Nami

Her abdominal muscles are not only stretched, but also have detailed skin texture. The bright red skirt also portrays the wrinkles and texture of the fabric, with beautiful flower colors on the skirt.

Cai Studio Nami

The simple clothing design perfectly showcases Nami’s devilish figure. The shading on her knees is carefully considered to create a realistic feel.

Cai Studio Nami

The shading on her waist is also very delicate, and her figure is impeccable. I’m already smitten, so let’s hurry and take action, my friends.

Cai Studio Nami

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