HINAMI Studio Carrot Figure

A close look at One Piece's Carrot, a rabbit-like character from the Mink Tribe!

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HINAMI Studio Carrot

Carrot – HINAMI Studio

HINAMI Studio has announced pre-orders for one of their newest creations. From the One Piece series, we have Carrot, the rabbit-like Kingsbird of the Mokomo Dukedom and ally of the Straw Hat Pirates! Here are the specs of this Carrot figure!

Studio: HINAMI Studio
Product Name: Wano Country Carrot – ONE PIECE Statue
Material: PU
Dimensions: H20 * D12 * L11cm Estimated
Projected Shipping Date: Q3 (September) 2024 Estimated

HINAMI Studio Carrot HINAMI Studio Carrot HINAMI Studio Carrot

For fans of One Piece, this figure is a must have!

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Available Here:


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