Mimo Studio Childhood Naruto Figure

Discover the Playful Nature of Naruto Uzumaki from 'Naruto' Series

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Mimo Studio Naruto Uzumaki

Childhood Naruto – Mimo Studio

Childhood Naruto – Mimo Studio: Before their sacrifice and passing away, Minato and Kushina entrusted Naruto to the Third Hokage. Although Minato and Kushina left a dying wish for the villagers of Konoha to regard Naruto as a hero of the village, his true identity was not revealed to the public due to security reasons. Only the Third Hokage and a few villagers who were aware of the situation knew about Naruto’s origins, and even Naruto himself was unaware. Most of the people in the village considered Naruto as the incarnation of the Nine-Tails and treated him with indifference, causing Naruto to grow up in loneliness.

Mimo Studio Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto was actually very mischievous when he was a child because he was extremely lonely. He wanted to attract everyone’s attention in this way, and I believe many people have done similar things in their childhoods. Naruto often scribbled on the Hokage Rock, which is the statue of the greatest person in the village and also his own father.

Mimo Studio Naruto Uzumaki

The facial features and hairstyle details follow the animation’s design very well. The sharpness and layering of the hairstyle are done remarkably, and the water mouth joint line is still visible.

Mimo Studio Naruto Uzumaki

The skin painting is very realistic, and the level of detail in the facial sculpting is worth admiring. The makeup is three-dimensional and vibrant, giving a lifelike appearance. As for the overall look, it features Naruto wearing a long-sleeved shirt with a T-shirt, and his fashion sense is still on point!

Mimo Studio Naruto Uzumaki Mimo Studio Naruto Uzumaki Mimo Studio Naruto Uzumaki Mimo Studio Naruto Uzumaki

Overall, this work is quite impressive, so those who are interested should check it out!

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