Fairyland Studio Dragonite Family Figure

Discover the Fascinating Journey of Dragonite's Growth and Transformation

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Fairyland Studio Dragonite Family

Dragonite Family – Fairyland Studio

Dragonite Family – Fairyland Studio: Dratini is a serpent-like Pokémon that lives in lakes and rivers. They have white fins on both sides of their heads, large round silver noses on their faces, and purple eyes. Their distinguishing feature is the white circular pattern on their heads. Dratini continues to grow, and they can grow quite long. During their growth, they shed their delicate dark blue skin. Dratini appears more robust than its evolved form, Dragonair.

Fairyland Studio Dragonite Family

Dragonair is a snake-like Pokémon that can reach a length of up to 13 feet. It has shiny black eyes and small horns on its forehead. Small feather-like wings extend from the sides of its head. Aside from its bright white belly, Dragonair is covered in sapphire-colored scales. The characteristic feature of Dragonair is the small blue beads under its neck and at the tip of its tail. It looks like an enlarged version of its pre-evolved form, Dratini, but it’s less elongated and can fly.

Fairyland Studio Dragonite Family

Dragonite is a bipedal dragon Pokémon that is entirely orange. Dragonite has large gray eyes, a rounded snout, and small nostrils. It has two long, thin antennae and a small horn at the top of its head. Dragonite’s cream-colored belly has stripes that extend all the way to the tip of its long tail. Its thick limbs have three claws each at their ends. The junction between its legs and body is well-defined, but the connection between its arms and body is smooth. Dragonite’s wings are relatively small compared to its body, and they have wing membranes that allow it to take to the sky.

Fairyland Studio Dragonite Family

The series is based on the theme of evolution, and the scene design is inspired by the habitats of Pokémon, creating a family-like atmosphere that reflects the characteristics of the Pokémon themselves.

Fairyland Studio Dragonite Family

This series primarily focuses on the theme of evolution and includes hatching shiny baby forms as the core (with Mega Evolution and Gigantamax forms as supplementary content).

Fairyland Studio Dragonite Family

To enrich the ecosystem, the series is also complemented with other Pokémon evolutionary lines and some aquatic flora and fauna, making the work more ecologically rich.

Fairyland Studio Dragonite Family

If you’re a fan of Pokémon,  this figure is a must-have!

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