Get Dominated by This New 1/6 Makima Figure

Come and check this new released Makima Figure by YOYO Studio

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With the popularity of the anime Chainsaw Man, the character Makima, who is skilled in manipulating people’s hearts, has become one of everyone’s favorite characters. The protagonist, Denji, even said the words that many people want to say: “I really want to be Makima’s dog…”

Recently, YOYO Studio has released a 1/6 scale Makima figure! The overall design is very exquisite, and we can get a glimpse of the full picture of this work from the fresh photos that have just been released.

In the statue, Makima stands on a platform made up of blood and demons, looking down with a slightly disdainful gaze and showing her iconic smile. Her suit jacket fluttering in the wind adds a lot of momentum to her; and the halo above her head, seemingly made of blood, is no stranger to fans who have read Chainsaw Man manga: it is Makima activating her ability to dominate demons. A chain gracefully winds around the entire statue and is finally tied to the cross on the base, reminding people of their final battle in the cemetery.

Now let’s look at this eye-catching base: undoubtedly, the half-body of Chainsaw Man is the most striking part on the platform. The scratches, bloodstains, and rust on the chainsaw, as well as the bulging veins on Chainsaw Man’s body, are all exquisitely realistic. Chainsaw Man’s abdomen is opened, and his guts are brutally pouring out, accurately reproducing the scene where Makima took out his heart. This heart is now held in the palm of Makima’s hand, adding a victorious posture to her.

Other parts of the platform should not be overlooked: several demon men dominated by Makima are presented in gray, as if they were cast as the foundation of her success. Do you still tremble when you see the Bomb Demon among them? She’s still in Reze’s dress. There is also a spear made by Angel Demon with a lifespan of thousands of years on the side, which is also an important prop in the story. The whole base rises from the blood, and the blood waves and human hands below add a sense of being in hell.

Makima herself is also made very exquisitely. The flying hem of her clothes, the ponytail blowing in the wind, and the well-proportioned figure… Although there are bloodstains on her white shirt, she looks almost perfect in this hellish setting.

This figure also comes with replaceable parts: Chainsaw Man’s heart in her hand can be replaced with a chain accessory, which more visually reproduces the scene in the original work where she uses her ability to dominate demons. There is also a replaceable sinister smirking expression head sculpt, making Makima’s emotions seem even more unpredictable. The studio also stated that they will make subtle adjustments to the statue in the future to strive for excellence and accuracy. It seems like they put a lot of effort into making this figure, making it definitely worth the wait for fans of Chainsaw Man.

If you are a fan of Chainsaw Man, you absolutely can’t miss out on this figure. With a 1/6 scale and a height of about 42cm, it is also a good size for display. If you like it, why not pre-order it now and bring the dominator demon back to your home?

“Dog doesn’t need to talk, just say ‘Yes’ or ‘Woof’.”

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