Mimo Studio Godzilla Figure

Discover this new Godzilla figure Inspired by "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire" – Available in Three Charming Colors!

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Mimo Studio Godzilla

Godzilla – Mimo Studio

Godzilla – Mimo Studio: Mimo Studio has released a new pre-order in their popular lineup.  This time, they have introduced the most famous giant monster in cinema history, Toho’s Godzilla, available in three color variants. The King of Monsters, napping in the Roman Colosseum, looks especially adorable!

Mimo Studio Godzilla

This figure is inspired by a scene from “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.” Mimo has transformed the Colosseum Godzilla into a super-deformed (SD) cute design, curled up and sleeping like a cat!

Mimo Studio Godzilla

The Roman Colosseum serves as the base, and Godzilla’s sweet sleeping face makes it hard to wake him up.

Mimo Studio Godzilla Mimo Studio Godzilla

In addition to the standard version with pink dorsal fins from the movie, there are also blue-finned and pure pink versions to choose from.

Mimo Studio Godzilla Mimo Studio Godzilla

Godzilla’s dorsal fins feature a fluorescent effect paint. A UV light is included with the product, making the dorsal fins glow eerily in the dark, which looks super cool!  Usually, that means Godzilla about to fire his trademark atomic breath, but don’t worry, he is just fast asleep for everyone to enjoy viewing, with or without the glow!

Mimo Studio Godzilla

For fans of the iconic Kaiju, this figure is a must have!

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