OPM Studio Hayao Miyazaki Figure

Immerse Yourself in the Enchanting Atmosphere of Hayao Miyazaki in this majestically recreated Train Scene

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OPM Studio Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki – OPM Studio

Hayao Miyazaki – OPM Studio: OPM’s Miyazaki Hayao Desktop Mini Scene Series is now accepting pre-orders for a new product featuring the train scene from “Spirited Away.” The reproduction of the atmosphere is very well done.

OPM Studio Hayao Miyazaki

This product is the second installment in OPM’s “Spirited Away” Mini Scene Series. Chihiro and No-Face are sitting on the train, and the background of the scene with a blue sea and sky leaves a deep impression.

OPM Studio Hayao Miyazaki

No-Face and the passenger next to him are designed with a semi-transparent gradient effect, while Chihiro’s sitting posture on the side is somewhat restrained yet very cute.

OPM Studio Hayao MiyazakiOPM Studio Hayao Miyazaki

Looking at it from the side of the train door, the delicate lighting gives a cinematic quality.

OPM Studio Hayao Miyazaki

The railway surface, the background of the blue sky, and the top of the train in this product all have built-in LEDs that can emit light! The bright and transparent display effect captures the dreamlike atmosphere of Miyazaki Hayao’s films.

OPM Studio Hayao Miyazaki

This “Spirited Away” train scene from OPM’s Miyazaki Hayao Desktop Mini Scene Series is 19 cm high, 30 cm wide, and 20 cm deep. It is also limited to 258 pieces.  This is a must-have for fans of the classic 2001 movie!

OPM Studio Hayao Miyazaki

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