Miyuki Iochi Mari Figure

Discover the Elegance and Charm of Blue Archive's Iochi Mari in Her First Ever Scale Model

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Miyuki Iochi Mari

Iochi Mari – Miyuki

Iochi Mari – Miyuki: Miyuki has just announced pre-orders for the new creation.  From the popular gacha game “Blue Archive,” comes a 1/7 scale figure of first-year student “Iochi Mari” from Trinity General School and a member of the Sisterhood!

Miyuki Iochi Mari

The figure perfectly recreates the illustration by DoReMi, depicting the pure and adorable Iochi Mari.

Miyuki Iochi Mari Miyuki Iochi Mari

Dressed in a black-themed uniform with elegant gold decorations, the figure showcases exquisite color tones and textures, while still maintaining the nun’s pure image.

Miyuki Iochi Mari Miyuki Iochi Mari Miyuki Iochi MariMiyuki Iochi Mari

Wearing a black and white nun outfit with cat ears, the cute girl gazes at you with her blue eyes and smiles, exuding Iochi Mari’s gentleness.

Miyuki Iochi MariMiyuki Iochi MariMiyuki Iochi MariMiyuki Iochi Mari

Moreover, her small hand holding her unique weapon “Piety” peeking out from her uniform and the deep red special base inspired by the cathedral’s red carpet are also very eye-catching.

Miyuki Iochi Mari

Bring the adorable Mary home and enjoy her company!

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