Why Studio Kurumi Tokisaki Figure

Unveiling the Intricate Details and Captivating Aura of the Date A Live Character

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Why Studio Kurumi Tokisaki

Kurumi Tokisaki – Why Studio

Kurumi Tokisaki – Why Studio: Tokisaki Kurumi is a character from the Japanese light novel series “Date A Live” and its derivative works. She is the only “worst spirit” that Shido encounters but doesn’t seal her powers on their first meeting. Among the many spirits that accidentally appear in the human world, she is a unique existence that can manifest in the human realm at her own will, and she even intentionally kills people.

Why Studio Kurumi Tokisaki

In this Why Studio release, we bring you the school uniform version of Tokisaki Kurumi. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

The skin texture is very realistic, and the facial sculpting is finely detailed and worth admiring. The makeup is three-dimensionally vibrant and lifelike. The hair also has a layered effect.

Why Studio Kurumi Tokisaki

The details of the clothing, such as the smoothness of the outfit, are well represented. Especially the layered effect of the skirt hem is well done, with not only the depiction of the wrinkles but also gradient shading.

Why Studio Kurumi Tokisaki

When zoomed in, the leg lines are beautiful, and there are detailed depictions of muscle contractions. The color and texture of the stockings have been carefully considered to create a realistic feel.

Why Studio Kurumi Tokisaki

Overall, this work is very well-crafted. For those who like it, take action quickly!

Why Studio Kurumi Tokisaki

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