CNS Studio Luffy Figure

Recreating the Explosive Battle Stance of Luffy in Exquisite Detail

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CNS Studio Luffy

Luffy – CNS Studio

Luffy – CNS Studio: New from CNS studio comes the POP Scale Sabaody Archipelago Arc Monkey D. Luffy & Onigashima Monkey D. Luffy!  The design is based on Luffy’s appearance after his return two years later, when he disguises himself but is recognized by pacifists. He then enters second gear in preparation for battle. The large backpack behind him accurately reflects the plot in the anime.

CNS Studio Luffy

The muscular lines are very well-defined, creating a great sense of beauty! The contrast between the scar on the chest and the muscle shading adds depth to the portrayal. As he waves his hand, preparing to switch to second gear, the jacket hem is depicted as slightly fluttering to complement the dynamic pose.

CNS Studio Luffy

The facial features and hairstyle faithfully follow the animation’s design. The depiction of the character’s muscle lines is distinct, portraying them as slender yet solid and powerful. The delicate lines and prominent veins are perfectly executed.

CNS Studio Luffy

CNS studio considerately provides two color options for everyone to choose from. It is worth mentioning that CNS studio will include a regular replacement hand as a bonus for early customers, enhancing its playability.

CNS Studio Luffy

For those who are interested, feel free to check it out!

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