LOST BOY Studio Luffy Figure

Experience the Magic of One Piece with LOST BOY's Limited Edition Big and Small Luffy Statue!

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LOST BOY Studio Luffy

Luffy – LOST BOY Studio

Luffy – LOST BOY Studio: LOST BOY Studio has announced pre-orders for one of their newest creations. From the One Piece series, we have we have the main character and captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy! Here are the specs of this Luffy figure!

Studio: LOST BOY Studio
Product Name: 1/6 Scale Big & Small Series 001 Monkey D. Luffy – ONE PIECE Resin Statue
Material: Resin + PU
Dimensions: H25 * W12 * L19cm Estimated
Projected Shipping Date: Q1 (March) 2025 Estimated

LOST BOY Studio Luffy

There’s an old saying that goes “age is just a number” and that sentiment holds true to many of us.  Sure, we’ll all get old some day in our lives, but we’re sure many of us still act like children in some way.  You know what?  That’s absolutely fine.  As we get older and get busier with our lives, it’s nice to act like children every once in a while.  This Luffy figure is a perfect example of that!

LOST BOY Studio Luffy LOST BOY Studio Luffy LOST BOY Studio Luffy

A seamless design, featuring both adult Luffy and his childhood self in the same piece. Contrary to expectations, it doesn’t evoke deliberate sentimentality but instead shows them playing and goofing around together. Such scenes seem more impactful than emotional ones. No matter how time changes, may we always remain true to our original aspirations!

LOST BOY Studio Luffy LOST BOY Studio Luffy

Fans of One Piece may want to keep an eye on this Luffy figure!

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