LX Studio Luffy Figure

Join Monkey D. Luffy on an Epic Adventure of Fire and Fury

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LX Studio Luffy

Luffy – LX Studio

Luffy – LX Studio: With a spontaneous move, “Red Hawk,” shouted out from Luffy’s mouth, it completely ignited the entire audience. Even Big Mom, who was watching from the sidelines, couldn’t help but show a surprised expression, unable to believe that Kaido was actually defeated by this little brat, raising doubts.

The facial depiction shows Luffy gritting his teeth, staring angrily, with the straw hat that was entrusted to him by Ace hanging around his neck, an essential element of Luffy’s iconic appearance. The straw hat is also depicted with great texture.

LX Studio Luffy

The gradually changing red special effects on the platform can emit light, and the color and texture of the rocks are also rendered very realistically. The details of the platform are exquisite but do not steal the spotlight from the character, each performing its own role.

LX Studio Luffy

The facial features, including the hairstyle, follow the animation’s design very well, and there are clear gradients in different areas. In addition to the depiction of some wrinkles, the cloak also has gradient painting to enrich the expression of texture.

LX Studio Luffy

Overall, the craftsmanship of this work is commendable, so for those who like it, take action quickly!

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