ShowMaker Studio Luffy Figure

Exploring the Exquisite Details and Artistry Behind the Latest Monkey D. Luffy Collectible

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ShowMaker Studio Luffy

Luffy – ShowMaker Studio

Luffy – ShowMaker Studio: I am about to embark on this ocean and venture forth according to my own dreams! – Monkey D. Luffy, “One Piece”

ShowMaker Studio Luffy      

ShowMaker Studio is committed to completing various forms and styling settings for Monkey D. Luffy. This time, we bring you this rubber Gatling gun version of Monkey D. Luffy. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

ShowMaker Studio Luffy

The facial features and hairstyle details are faithful to the animation settings, with a determined gaze and well-crafted frown. The scar on the cheek is also faithfully reproduced.

ShowMaker Studio Luffy

ShowMaker Studio Luffy

The smooth lines of the smoke special effect behind him give a feeling of swirling smoke. The straw hat behind his neck is made of resin and has a texture resembling a large rope weave.

ShowMaker Studio Luffy ShowMaker Studio Luffy

The clothing details are also very well done. In addition to depicting some wrinkles, shadow painting has been applied to enrich the expression of texture. The muscle lines on the arms are also clearly visible.

ShowMaker Studio Luffy

This work offers two versions of Monkey D. Luffy for selection. For those who are interested, please pay attention to this product!

ShowMaker Studio Luffy

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