LX Studio Kaido Figure

A Deep Dive into the Details of Kaido's Highly Oppressive Humanoid Form

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LX Studio Kaido

Kaido – LX Studio

Kaido – LX Studio: The highly oppressive humanoid form of Kaido appears – Kaido from “One Piece”

LX Studio Kaido

Kaido is a character from the Japanese manga “One Piece” and its derivatives. Known as “Kaido of the Hundred Beasts,” he is the governor of the Hundred Beasts Pirates and was once one of the “Four Emperors” of the New World until he was defeated by Monkey D. Luffy and stripped of his title. He is extremely powerful, possessing unimaginable defensive and regenerative abilities, and is known as the “strongest creature.” He has a bounty of 4.6111 billion Berries and the ability to transform into a blue dragon through the Fish-Fish Fruit, Mythical Zoan type.

LX Studio Kaido

His fierce expression, the texture and wrinkles of the skin around his eyes, and the scratches on his dragon horns are depicted in detail, as well as his flowing long hair with a gradual purple gradient. In his human form, his muscular physique and oppressive aura are rendered in exquisite detail, along with the unique paint job.

LX Studio Kaido

LX Studio Kaido

The scales on his arms are well-defined, and his arm tattoo has a striking effect. His biceps and other muscle lines are exaggerated, and his hands show a semi-beastly state with the dragon scales gradually appearing and a blue gradient on the fingers, complementing the unique paint style.

LX Studio Kaido

The cape on his back is also treated with a corresponding purple gradient, and the feathers are distinct, with a sense of thickness and texture that can be felt.

LX Studio Kaido

The wolf-toothed club is rendered in such a way that its weight is emphasized, and coupled with the matching Ghost Island tray, it is truly magnificent!

LX Studio Kaido

The original color scheme is Ghost Island, while the alternate colors are Peach Boy tray and Ghost Island tray, which can be swapped, but the Peach Boy tray is not sold separately~

LX Studio KaidoLX Studio Kaido

Fans who love this character should hurry up and get one!

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