Di Studio Majin Vegeta Figure

Unpacking the Design and Detail of the Majin Vegeta Figure from the Majin Buu Arc

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Di Studio Majin Vegeta

Majin Vegeta – Di Studio

Majin Vegeta – Di Studio: I am the Saiyan prince with the highest self-esteem. Although you have control over my body and mind, my pride remains unshaken in the shadows. – “Dragon Ball” Majin Vegeta.  A faithful re-creation of Majin Vegeta by Di Studio!

Di Studio Majin Vegeta

Vegeta always hoped to defeat Kakarot rather than just compete with him. When Kakarot defeated Majin Buu, Vegeta realized that Kakarot had also adapted to Super Saiyan 2. At this point, Vegeta was unsure if he could defeat Kakarot, so he chose to become Majin.

Di Studio Majin Vegeta

Majin Vegeta’s form is set as Vegeta’s magical form, which he advanced to after becoming a Super Saiyan 1. This is Vegeta’s strongest form in the Majin Buu arc, and his power is on par with Super Saiyan 2 Son Goku.

Majin Vegeta’s forehead bears the “M” symbol, and his facial features and hairstyle follow the animation design. He has a confident and disdainful expression, and the bulging veins on his arms are clearly visible. In addition to depicting muscle lines, the model also uses paint to simulate the texture of real skin.

Di Studio Majin Vegeta

Even with clothing covering him, it is difficult to hide the muscle lines, and there are clear gradients in different areas. Although the monochromatic processing of the clothing affects the paintwork, the clothing’s color and texture are more realistic when viewed in person, making it a highly faithful work.

The rock paintwork on the platform is very realistic, and the flames around it are also painted with gradients.

Di Studio Majin Vegeta

With such a fine work, let’s go all out, guys!

Di Studio Majin Vegeta

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