HobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima Figure (NSFW)

Witness the Breathtaking Beauty of the Control Devil, Makima from Chainsaw Man

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HobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima

Makima – HobbyHouse Studio

Makima – HobbyHouse Studio: HobbyHouse has released a new figure today, the Control Devil, Makima from Chainsaw Man! The sculpt of the head is extremely stunning, with a replacement option for lingerie + armor dual form. It also comes with additional stockings and barefoot replacement parts!

HobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima

HobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima

This Makima figure is 1/4 scale and stands at a height of 48.5 centimeters. She is seated on a throne composed of dark demons, chainsaws, and knife demons, emanating a cold and proud aura that is truly remarkable! Woof woof woof!

HobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima

Makima’s cool temperament perfectly complements her mature and attractive figure. Her slender and beautiful legs, accentuated by black stockings and garters, exude a seductive charm! The design of the high-heeled shoes with toes pointing up adds a finishing touch, balancing between terror and allure.

HobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima

The high-heeled shoes can be removed, allowing for a training pose with dog leash! The view from an upward angle is absolutely sensational.

HobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima

The black stockings can also be switched to a barefoot appearance, offering another option for fans.

The head sculpt of this Makima figure by HobbyHouse is simply breathtaking. It is safe to say that it is one of the most captivating Makima figures made so far! The slight smile at the corner of her mouth appears gentle yet devoid of any emotional fluctuations. The arrogant gaze is filled with coldness and disdain. HobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima HobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima

Whether it’s the facial contours, facial features, or expressions, this sculpt is flawless from every angle.

HobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima HobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima

The clothing on Makima’s chest can be removed to reveal the armor underneath. The voluptuous and rounded curves are visually pleasing, and the details are exquisitely refined.

HobbyHouse Studio Studio MakimaHobbyHouse Studio Studio Makima

The lower body also has two sets of options: wearing panties or going commando. we won’t showcase the specific details here, but to sum it up in one word—awesome!

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