T.X.S Studio Miia Figure

Dive into the Details of the 1/6 Scale Figure Featuring Miia: A Mix of Elegance, Power, and Exotic Allure

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T.X.S Studio Miia

Miia – T.X.S Studio

Miia – T.X.S Studio: T.X.S Studio has released a figure of a character from “Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.”  The featured character is the snake girl, Miia, priced reasonably and comes with a replaceable body. Gentlemen who enjoy the theme of exotic monster girls should take a look at this figure!

T.X.S Studio Miia

This Miia, the snake girl, is 1/6 scale, standing at 26 centimeters tall. Her striking red hair and bright red snake tail leave a lasting impression. In the manga, Miia’s body length is a whopping 7 meters, and she weighs over 300 kilograms, truly a giant python girl!

T.X.S Studio Miia

Miia’s upper body is well-endowed, and her casual way of wearing a shirt not only reveals a hint of spring but also conveys her straightforward and hearty personality.

T.X.S Studio Miia

With blinking expressions and a cheerful smile, Miia is full of infectious charm, complete with two adorable little fangs visible in her mouth.

T.X.S Studio Miia

Miia’s snake tail possesses extraordinary strength, easily restraining the protagonist. Additionally, the tip of her tail is a sensitive area, teasing it can make Miia unable to resist.

T.X.S Studio Miia

Apart from the normal appearance, Miia can also explode with armor through body replacements! Both upper and lower parts feature realistic details. Fans of exotic monster girls should not miss this rare gem.

T.X.S Studio Miia

T.X.S Studio Miia T.X.S Studio Miia

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