Snow Studio Misono Mika Figure

Explore the charming details of this Misono Mika figure from Blue Archive!

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Snow Studio Misono Mika

Misono Mika – Snow Studio

Misono Mika – Snow Studio: Snowflake Studio has released a 1/6 scale, 19 cm tall figure of “Blue Archive” character Misono Mika. The small demon has a cute and charming appearance with interchangeable accessories for the upper body!

Snow Studio Misono Mika

This Misono Mika, at 1/6 scale and 19 cm height, features a kneeling and looking back pose, exuding a mischievous charm reminiscent of a young girl. With its blinking and tongue-out expression, it vividly showcases the attributes of a cute little demon!

Snow Studio Misono Mika

The decoration on Misono Mika’s head is crafted with transparent material, forming a beautifully cute and spiraled design.

Snow Studio Misono Mika

The front of the upper garment is designed with hollow patterns, and the lollipop in hand will be made of fully transparent material in the final product.

Snow Studio Misono Mika

The upper body also comes with replacement parts featuring visible you-know-what, although they are not displayed here.

Snow Studio Misono Mika

The expression of the small devil sandbag on the base is quite amusing, and to be honest, it adds a lot of charm to the figure!

Snow Studio Misono Mika

Fans of Blue Archive may want to check this figure out!

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