TianYuan Studio Nahida Figure

Unveiling the Enigmatic Journey of Nahida, the God of Wisdom

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TianYuan Studio Nahida

Nahida – TianYuan Studio

Nahida – TianYuan Studio: Nahida, a character from miHoYo’s game “Genshin Impact” and its derivative works. Her real name is Kusanali, known as the “God of Wisdom” among the “Seven Archons,” and she’s affectionately called the “Dendro Archon” by the people of Teyvat.

TianYuan Studio Nahida

Currently the youngest of the Seven, she’s been alive for five hundred years since her birth. Listening and observing are essential ways for Nahida to understand the world. Perhaps due to her long stay at the Sanctuary of Surasthana, Nahida holds a strong curiosity for all things in the world.

Residing deep within the Sanctuary of Surasthana, Nahida has always been overlooked and seldom mentioned. Carrying a heavy burden, she never stops, even when facing darkness and experiencing loneliness. For Nahida, protecting Sumeru is her top priority.

While continuing to search for solutions, she strives to grow into a more qualified deity. Occasionally, she takes on the responsibility of the “God of Wisdom” to guide her lost subjects.

Only the prophetic words that interpret true knowledge can adorn the God of Wisdom, and thus, all her attire is considered sacred by her followers. Nahidaa’s overall color scheme is predominantly grassy green with accents of gray-white. She appears as a young girl with elven ears.

TianYuan Studio Nahida

TianYuan Studio Nahida

Her slightly grayish-white long hair is tied into a side ponytail, with a noticeable green gradient at the end of her hair. A tender leaf, symbolizing her status as a new deity, grows on the right side of her head. Nahida’s irises are deep green, with cross-shaped pupils of light green, resembling a four-leaf clover with a circle of deep green patterns around them. She wears a green cloak and a white bud-like skirt.

TianYuan Studio Nahida

Overall, this is a cute Chibi rendition of the Dendro Archon.  Fans of Genshin Impact may want to check this figure out.

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