Why Studio Nilou Figure

A Closer Look at the Elegant Appearance and Performance of Nilou from Genshin Impact

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Why Studio Nilou

Nilou – Why Studio

Nilou – Why Studio: “On the fiery stage, Nilou is like a character from the play. In the light and music, she is like an immaculate lotus flower.” – “Genshin Impact” Nilou!

Introducing this beautifully made Nilou by Why Studio!  Nilou is a character from “Genshin Impact” and its derivative works produced by miHoYo, a star actor of “Zubayr Theater,” with graceful dancing and an appearance akin to an unblemished lotus flower under the lighting and music. However, she is not a proud and cold person. Even for a fleeting traveler, her pure and simple smile is unforgettable.

Why Studio Nilou

Nilou has long twin-tailed hair and green eyes. She is slender and wears a sea blue dancing dress with distinct gradient effects in different parts and gold stripes at the edges and hollows. As a performer of the dance of the flower goddess, her costume is designed to imitate the goddess’s body posture. According to legend, the flower goddess has a beautiful pair of horns on her head, so Nilou’s headwear has black double horns.

Why Studio Nilou

Why Studio Nilou

Apart from the depiction of some muscular lines, the bare parts of her body are also painted to simulate the texture of real skin, which highlights her body lines well. The design of toe separators makes her feet look more slender, and her toe nails are painted with gradient-colored nail polish, just like her fingerWhy Studio Nilou

For those who like this exquisite Nilou, hurry up and take the plunge!

Why Studio Nilou

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