listoy Studio Panty & Stocking Figure

Indulge in the Alluring World of 1/6 Scale Panty and Stocking Duo with Pole Dance Transformation

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listoy Studio Panty & Stocking

Panty & Stocking – listoy Studio

Panty & Stocking – listoy Studio: listoy Studio has opened pre-orders for a duo from the GAINAX masterpiece “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt,” featuring the titular characters, Panty and Stocking! The chosen style for their figures is the classic transformation pose, with a tantalizing and eye-catching design!

listoy Studio Panty & Stocking

This duo is 1/6 scale, standing at 44 centimeters tall. The two beautiful girls embrace each other on a pole, showcasing a cool and sexy posture. Panty’s figure features a half-removed panty design, while Stocking has pulled down one side of her striped stockings.

listoy Studio Panty & Stocking

The seamless interaction between their bodies evokes various thoughts, especially when combined with the alluring pole dance scene! Additionally, both Garter Stocking Angels can rotate 360 degrees on the pole, adding a touch of sensuality to this piece.

listoy Studio Panty & Stocking

Panty’s mesmerizing expression and Stocking’s blushing panting pose are delicately depicted. The combined embrace of these two characters creates an atmosphere of interactive charm.

listoy Studio Panty & Stocking

It’s worth mentioning that Panty’s figure is in a revealing state, leaving nothing to the imagination under her skirt! Through Stocking’s panties, you can catch a glimpse of the camel toe detail, aligning with the animation’s concept of Panty transforming her panties into a gun and Stocking transforming her striped stockings into a katana.

listoy Studio Panty & Stockinglistoy Studio Panty & Stocking

Apart from the rare subject matter and stunning design, this piece’s base is equipped with built-in LED lights and a bearing that allows for a 360-degree rotation! The base also features a Bluetooth speaker function, providing a perfect recreation of the magnificent audio and visual atmosphere from the animation!

listoy Studio Panty & Stocking

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