ABsinthe Studios Rem Figure

Explore ABsinthe Studios' Latest Release – Rem Bunny Girl Figure with LED-lit Crystal Moon and Dual Display Options!

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ABsinthe Studios Rem

Rem – ABsinthe Studios

Rem – ABsinthe Studios: ABsinthe Studios has released a new figure in their very popular lineup.  Their newest creation features Rem from Re:Zero, wearing a very charming bunny outfit! It comes in black and white color options, and the high-end version includes a textured lacquer body accessory, allowing for a dual display!

ABsinthe Studios Rem

This Rem figure is 1/6 scale, standing at 36 cm tall. The scene includes a crystal moon with built-in LED for illumination, creating a dazzling scene with flying white doves and a small rabbit, forming a dreamy atmosphere.

ABsinthe Studios Rem

Rem’s bunny girl outfit is painted with a pearlescent sheen. She poses with her hands forming bunny ears, accompanied by a playful winking expression, making her super cute!

ABsinthe Studios Rem ABsinthe Studios Rem

The slender and attractive figure of the girl captures attention. In addition to the regular version with a normal pose, the high-end version adds a textured lacquer accessory for the body, and it can be displayed in a dual pose with the help of a simple stand!

ABsinthe Studios Rem

Apart from the white outfit, there is also an option for a black outfit version of Rem. The black version is available in both regular and high-end choices.

ABsinthe Studios Rem

For fans of Re:Zero, this figure is a must have!

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