Imagination Studio Ruan Mei Figure

Experience the alluring appearance of Ruan Mei in this amazing 1/6 figure!

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Imagination Studio Ruan Mei

Ruan Mei – Imagination Studio

Ruan Mei – Imagination Studio: Imagination Studio has launched a new product in their popular lineup.  From the popular game, Honkai: Star Rail, we have Ruan Mei, available in 3 styles with a total of 4 selectable versions. The designs are exquisite and quite pleasing to the eye!

Imagination Studio Ruan Mei

This Ruan Mei is in 1/6 scale, with the original game design shown in the picture standing at 39 centimeters tall. The plum blossoms, ancient qin (zither), and the misty atmosphere in the scene create a very immersive feeling, giving off a fairy-like aura.

As a celestial boat person, Ruan Mei, a Southern girl, perfectly embodies the beauty and grace from various angles, creating a love-at-first-sight sensation.Imagination Studio Ruan Mei

In the swaying of the skirt, a pair of high-heeled beautiful legs are subtly revealed, making it the visual centerpiece of this statue!

Imagination Studio Ruan Mei Imagination Studio Ruan Mei

Another artistic version focuses more on portraying Ruan Mei’s private and charming side. The back pose accentuates the curve of the waist, not to mention the unmistakable vacuum details!

Imagination Studio Ruan Mei

Imagination Studio Ruan Mei

Although the game version is more magnificent, the subtly artistic version is even more enchanting.

Imagination Studio Ruan Mei

Furthermore, there is also a national version to choose from, but the details are not shown here! With a reasonable selling price, this figure is a must have for Honkai: Star Rail fans!

Imagination Studio Ruan Mei

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