Dragon Studios Sephiroth Figure

Exploring the Legacy of Sephiroth, Gaming's Most Handsome Adversary

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Dragon Studios Sephiroth

Sephiroth – Dragon Studios

Sephiroth – Dragon Studios: Sephiroth is a character in the “Final Fantasy” series of games.  He is the ultimate main antagonist, and the final boss of the original “Final Fantasy VII.” He is a prominent antagonist in the series, conceptualized and designed by character designer Tetsuya Nomura.

Dragon Studios Sephiroth

Sephiroth is the result of experiments conducted by the Shinra Corporation, a major conglomerate in “FFVII.” He was injected with cells from an extraterrestrial lifeform called Jenova while still in the womb. Upon discovering this, Sephiroth decides to fulfill what he believes is his destiny – to control the planet – while Cloud and other main characters in the game try to stop him.

Dragon Studios Sephiroth

Sephiroth’s role in the “Final Fantasy” story background was revealed in the “Final Fantasy VII Compilation” project. Additionally, he appears as a boss in the “Kingdom Hearts” series and other games developed by Square.

Dragon Studios Sephiroth

Due to inaccuracies in the lore, he initially confuses Jenova and the ancient race Cetra as the same beings. This leads him to develop a hatred for humanity and vow to reclaim the planet, which he believes belongs to the Cetra.

Dragon Studios Sephiroth

Sephiroth’s weapon, the Masamune, has always been a subject of debate due to variations in different versions of the game, combined with Square’s lack of specifying its exact length during the original design. However, in “Kingdom Hearts II” and “Final Fantasy: Dissidia,” it’s evident that the Masamune is nearly four meters long and exceptionally ornate.

While Sephiroth’s Masamune is incredibly long, the handle is only about 40 to 50 centimeters, and the blade’s width is approximately three centimeters, with a thickness of just a few millimeters. When Sephiroth wields the sword, he often does so with one hand, so the Masamune is more accurately described as an “elongated katana” rather than a greatsword.

Dragon Studios Sephiroth

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Dragon Studios Sephiroth

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