SS-Studio Shanks Figure

Exploring the Meticulously Crafted Details and Dynamic Presence of Shanks' Figure

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SS-Studio Shanks

Shanks – SS-Studio

Shanks – SS-Studio: Shanks is a character from the Japanese manga “One Piece” and its derivative works. He is nicknamed “Red-Hair,” and there is no pirate in the world who embodies “freedom” more than him. If the definition of the “Pirate King” is “the freest person on this sea,” then it can be said that Shanks is the closest person to that throne.

SS-Studio Shanks

SS-Studio Shanks

Shanks has a well-proportioned figure, with red hair and three scars on his left eye. He has stubble around his mouth. He usually wears a white shirt with only half the buttons fastened, a black long cloak draped over his shoulders, and brown knee-length pants with patterns. He carries the renowned sword “Gryphon” at his waist.

SS-Studio Shanks

The hands are well crafted, with excellent texture and muscle definition in the figurine.

SS-Studio Shanks

The base incorporates mechanical elements inspired by Kid’s Awakening, with Shanks’ divine dodging effect pieces entwined around it. The overall transparency of the red effect pieces can rival that of rubies.

SS-Studio Shanks SS-Studio ShanksSS-Studio Shanks

The colors of the splashes and waves on the base are distinguished, and the divine dodging motion of Gryphon in Shanks’ hand is truly enticing, both in terms of transparency and luster.

SS-Studio Shanks

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