The Difference Between Gundam GK and GK Figure

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Our previous blog introduced what GK is, but many people who are new to GK still have a question: what is the difference between Gundam GK and GK Figure? Why when searching for GK, the first search results that pop up are often related to Gundam?

The answer can be summed up in two points: First, Gundam GK is considered as a large category of GK. Second, Gundam GK is an unofficially produced type of Gundam model.

As we said before, the GK started out as a model handcrafted by hobbyists themselves in garages. So Gundam GK also has high requirements for handcrafted abilities. Those who are familiar with Gundam may know that there are many types of Gundam models, such as MEGASIZE, PG, HG, RG, etc. Unlike these, Gundam GK requires more manual skills.

Generally, when GK is produced, it is in the state of white model or gray model, so most of Gundam GK needs to be manually colored. What’s more, GK is also more creative and demanding than those official models. Some Gundam fans will make their GK cooler and more stylish, while the official models are often seeming more regular in case anything goes wrong with the style.

There’s another thing which GK are usually made for: to decorate the official models. Some Gundam model fans want to make their model cooler, so they make some GK kits by themselves, or buy from other people or studio, and set them on the original model.

Besides, although GK making is so demanding and satisfying, the price of Gundam GK is also lower than the official models. But it may cost you a lot to purchase the handcraft tools. It is up to you to choose a harder way or a more expensive way.

GK also does not only include the category of Gundam. Many fans and studios will produce GK with various animation, movie, and game themes, and make some creative and interesting poses and gestures for them. Gundam is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant categories, but the field of GK does not stop here. For example, there are many Gundam themed GK products with quite a sexy, hilarious or cute design in our website.

To know more about GK, you can read our previous blog.

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