MM Studio Tien Shinhan Figure

A Deep Dive into the Captivating Detail and Intensity of MM Studio's Dragon Ball Tien Shinhan Statue

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MM Studio Tian Shinhan

Tien Shinhan – MM Studio

Tien Shinhan – MM Studio: MM Studio has opened pre-orders for a new Tien Shinhan “Final Kamehameha” figure in the “Dragon Ball” series, following the Master Roshi figure. The design is based on the intense and desperate attack during the battle with Nappa, successfully capturing the atmosphere of brutality.

MM Studio Tian Shinhan

This 1/6 scale statue stands at 25 centimeters tall. Tien Shinhan’s left arm is already broken by Nappa, and with the addition of bloodstains on the body and special effects representing the smoke on the platform, you can feel the intense atmosphere of the Z Warriors facing a desperate situation.

MM Studio Tian Shinhan

Having witnessed Chiaotzu’s self-sacrifice, Tien Shinhan, with only one remaining arm, unleashes the “Final Kamehameha” with all his strength. However, it still fails to inflict any damage on Nappa, and Tien Shinhan perishes, having exhausted all his energy.

MM Studio Tian Shinhan

This statue brilliantly portrays Tien Shinhan’s final desperate strike, showcasing the tension in his strained muscles and gritted teeth expression. You can also sense his shock and unwillingness in his eyes after witnessing Nappa’s “harmless smoke” phenomenon.

MM Studio Tian Shinhan

Although Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu became insignificant characters compared to their past as formidable foes of Goku in this battle, Akira Toriyama’s depiction of their sacrifice is still deeply moving.

The blood flowing from the corner of Tien Shinhan’s mouth and his tear-stained eyes accentuate the sense of brutality. The bulging veins and rough skin texture of his muscles are also portrayed with great intensity.

MM Studio Tian Shinhan

The smoke on the platform is positioned in the opposite direction to the outstretched arm, evoking the powerful impact generated when firing the Kamehameha.

MM Studio Tian Shinhan

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