CP.Studio Tifa Lockhart Figure

Taking a look at this beautiful Tifa Lockhart figure from Final Fantasy 7!

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CP.Studio Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart – CP.Studio

Tifa Lockhart – CP.Studio CP.Studio has announced pre-orders for one of their newest creations.  From Final Fantasy 7, we have one of the most beloved and memorable video characters, Tifa Lockhart, with two versions available – an alluring kimono version and a cool swimsuit version. The swimsuit version can also cast off armor!

CP.Studio Tifa Lockhart

This 1/4 scale, 52cm tall Tifa figure is the first kimono statue I’m aware of. Although the kimono version doesn’t cast off, the alluring design is already extremely captivating!

CP.Studio Tifa Lockhart

Because of Tifa’s gorgeous figure, images here are censored for safety. The dark purple fabric is covered in wavy water-like patterns, matched with luxurious hair ornaments and decorative sash at the waist, exuding a sexy and bewitching geisha-like splendor.

CP.Studio Tifa Lockhart

Tifa’s portrait is elegant and beautiful, with a tender yet powerful aura befitting her title as the Flower of Junon.

CP.Studio Tifa Lockhart

In addition to the kimono version, there is also a more revealing bikini swimsuit version! The swimsuit Tifa can directly cast off armor, showcasing the goddess’ perfect sublime figure!

CP.Studio Tifa Lockhart CP.Studio Tifa Lockhart CP.Studio Tifa Lockhart

For fans of Tifa Lockhart and Final Fantasy, this figure is a must have!

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