Bear Panda Studio Xiya & Rin Figures

Discover the Allure of Rin and Xiya in these Exquisite 1/6 Scale Collectibles

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Bear Panda Studio Xiya & Rin

Xiya & Rin – Bear Panda Studio

Xiya & Rin – Bear Panda Studio: BearPanda, in collaboration with artist Asanagi, opened pre-orders for a set of 1/6 scale handcrafted figures.  They named these cute Rabbit Girl figures Rin and Xiya. Asanagi-sensei’s iconic voluptuous body shape is very enticing. In addition to using real stockings, temperature-sensitive paint, and 3D crystal eye technology, it also comes with a combinable bar scene!

Bear Panda Studio Xiya & Rin

This set of Rabbit Girls includes one in black and one in white, with their designs complementing each other from the front and back. The effect of displaying both figures together is quite impressive.

Bear Panda Studio Xiya & Rin

Xiya on the left is 28 cm tall and has a gentle older sister style with white fur and purple eyes. Asanagi’s European-style proportions are unique. I’ve had to censor some parts here.

Bear Panda Studio Xiya & Rin

These Rabbit Girls feature real white stockings and a sleek, shiny texture in their tight-fitting outfits. Their winking expressions and rabbit gestures make them sexy and cute.

The other figure, Rin, has a back-facing pose, and her curves wrapped in black stockings are incredibly attractive. You could say that she has one of the most charming backviews among Rabbit Girl figures I’ve seen!

Bear Panda Studio Xiya & Rin

Her short hair with a single ponytail is playful and cute, and she also has Asanagi’s signature mischievous fang in her mouth! The two Rabbit Girls have quite different styles, which makes displaying them together more interesting.

In addition to this, the middle part of the tight-fitting outfits of both figures is made with temperature-sensitive paint. It changes color when heated, adding to the fun and playability!

Bear Panda Studio Xiya & Rin

From the image below, Asanagi’s Rabbit Girl series includes four characters in total. Interestingly, the bar scenes can be combined into a circular or curved setting! Collecting and displaying all of them together looks fantastic, with the figures prices reasonably well, this is a set that collectors may want to complete!

Bear Panda Studio Xiya & Rin

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