Fallen Angel Yae Miko Figure

Discover the Enigmatic Priestess with Multiple Identities and Exquisite Design

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Fallen Angel Yae Miko

Yae Miko – Fallen Angel Studio

Yae Miko – Fallen Angel Studio: Yae Miko, a character in the game “Genshin Impact” and its derivative works produced by miHoYo, is the head shrine maiden in charge of Grand Narukami Shrine, the inheritor of the Kitsune lineage, a companion and adherent of the “Eternity,” and the terrifying chief editor of the light novel publishing house “Yae Publishing House.” She is a mysterious priestess with multiple identities, and mortals may never truly understand her true face and heart.

Fallen Angel Yae Miko

Fallen Angel Yae Miko Fallen Angel Yae Miko

The eye-catching pink hair is adorned with gradient coloring, and the shading of the skin tone looks very impressive, as if a surging wave is about to emerge.

Fallen Angel Yae Miko Fallen Angel Yae Miko Fallen Angel Yae Miko

Upon closer inspection, the delicate face becomes even more visually striking. The charming eyes, petite mouth, and rosy cheeks make the facial features appear very lively. Some shading has been applied here to enhance the three-dimensional effect.

Fallen Angel Yae Miko

The abdomen not only has muscular lines stretched, but also has detailed skin texture.

Fallen Angel Yae Miko Fallen Angel Yae MikoFallen Angel Yae Miko

The distinct strands of pink hair and the craftsmanship of the hands are excellent. The gaps between the fingers and the depiction of muscle lines are very well done.

Fallen Angel Yae Miko

The leg lines are also beautiful, but upon closer examination, some details show the treatment of constriction. Partial shading has been applied to the knee area, and the colors and textures have been carefully considered to create such a realistic appearance.

Fallen Angel Yae Miko Fallen Angel Yae Miko

The depiction of muscular lines on the back is also abundant. The exposed parts of the body are painted with a flesh tone, effectively highlighting her body shape, with clear gradient effects in different areas.

Fallen Angel Yae Miko Fallen Angel Yae Miko

The facial features, including the hairstyle, adhere well to the game’s design. From the official image, the portrayal of skin texture is also acceptable.

Fallen Angel Yae Miko

Fallen Angel Yae Miko

This is a finely crafted work, and fans who love it shouldn’t miss out!

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