Pink Devil Studio Yae Miko Figure

Experience the Beauty and Versatility of the Pink Devil Studio's Latest Masterpiece

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Pink Devil Yae Miko

Yae Miko – Pink Devil Studio

Yae Miko – Pink Devil Studio: Pink Devil Studio has released a captivating statue of Yae Miko, a character from the popular game Genshin Impact. This statue features multiple poses and the ability to switch armor parts.

Pink Devil Yae Miko

The Yae Miko statue is 1/4 scale and stands at 60 centimeters tall. The elegant and alluring pose shows Yae Miko standing with a red umbrella in front of a Torii Gate. Her exposed rounded figure and fair legs have a seductive appeal.

Pink Devil Yae MikoPink Devil Yae Miko

Pink Devil has made modifications to Yae Miko’s costume, adding a sexy and charming touch with a single piece of cloth covering her from the side. The flowing fringes of her skirt add a playful and dynamic element.

Pink Devil Yae Miko

The statue is designed in a realistic style, with exquisite details such as vibrant lips and deep, captivating eyes. The hair has also been enhanced with detailed strands.

Pink Devil Yae Miko

The priestess outfit is adorned with three-dimensional pine branch and plum blossom decorations. The skin peeking through the gaps is cute and alluring, arousing the imagination.

In addition to the umbrella pose, the statue comes with interchangeable arms that allow Yae Miko to hold a fox mask or a folding fan, adding another form to her appearance. There are a total of four interchangeable arms, offering a variety of combinations for different poses.

Pink Devil Yae Miko

The delicate details of the pink headlights are charming, complementing the elegant stance and captivating gaze.

Pink Devil Yae Miko

Both the upper and lower armor parts of Yae Miko can be removed, and the size and contours are beautifully crafted.  The lower part of the body can be replaced with a sealed and provocative design. The versatility is enhanced when combined with different hand gestures.

Pink Devil Yae Miko

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