Now Playboy Studio 2B Figure

Unraveling the Mystery of Humanity's Glorious Defender

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Now Playboy Studio 2B

2B – Now Playboy Studio

2B – Now Playboy Studio: YoRHa 2B is one of the protagonists in “NieR: Automata,” a central character in the game’s storyline, and one of the characters players can control. YoRHa 2B is a general-purpose combat android dispatched by humanity as a member of the infantry squad, with a female appearance. She always wears a large eye mask, so only a glimpse of her face is visible.

Now Playboy Studio 2B

Her silver-gray hair catches the eye with its gradient color, and the eye mask adds a sense of mystery. The shaded texture of her skin looks quite impressive, resembling turbulent waves ready to surge.

Now Playboy Studio 2B

Partial shading is applied to the knee area, meticulously designed to achieve a realistic color and texture, making it appear lifelike.

Now Playboy Studio 2B

Taking a closer look, not only are the abdominal muscles carefully portrayed, but skin textures are also depicted. The color of the platform and the sea waves is differentiated.

Now Playboy Studio 2B Now Playboy Studio 2B

The exposed parts of her body not only depict some muscle lines but also use painting to simulate the realistic texture of skin, with shading to enhance the expression of the texture.

Now Playboy Studio 2B Now Playboy Studio 2B

Overall, it’s a very impressive work, and those who like 2B may want to check it out!

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