Sunbird Studio Albedo Figure

Exploring the Intricacies of Albedo's Demon-like Beauty and Role in the Overlord Universe

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Sunbird Studio Albedo

Albedo – Sunbird Studio

Albedo – Sunbird Studio: Albedo, one of the main characters from the light novel “Overlord” created by Maruyama Kugane and its derivative works. With a demon-like appearance, she is an NPC created by Ainz Ooal Gown, holding the position of Guardian Overseer of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Sunbird Studio Albedo

Albedo is a beautiful woman, her face adorned with a faint smile resembling that of a goddess. Her glossy black hair flows down to her waist, contrasting with her formal attire. Other than her irises emitting a golden light and vertically elliptical pupils, she is nearly impeccable as an otherworldly beauty.

Sunbird Studio Albedo Sunbird Studio Albedo

Two goat-like curved horns extend from the sides of her head, and black angelic wings can be seen at her waist. Due to her horns, her goddess-like smile seems like a mask concealing her inner emotions.

Sunbird Studio Albedo

A necklace emitting a golden light, resembling a spider’s web, adorns her neck, extending from her shoulders to her chest. Her delicate hands are covered with gloves that emit a silken sheen. Sunbird Studio Albedo

The gradient-painted shiny black hair catches the eye, with vibrant and lively eyes. The shaded paint on her skin also appears quite impressive, giving the illusion of surging waves.

Sunbird Studio Albedo

The feathered parts are intricately detailed, particularly the layered coloring, which is well-executed. The surface not only features detailed folds but also gradient paintwork.

Sunbird Studio Albedo

The exposed parts of her body, apart from the muscle contours, simulate the texture of real skin using paintwork. Shadow shading has also been applied to enrich the expression of texture.

Sunbird Studio Albedo Sunbird Studio Albedo Sunbird Studio Albedo

Sunbird Studio Albedo

Overall, it’s an excellently crafted piece, and fellow Overlord fans should keep an eye on this figure.

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