EZ Studio Barbara Figure

Discover the Magic of Barbara, the Deaconess of the Favonius Church and the adored Idol of Mondstadt!

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EZ Studio Barbara

Barbara – EZ Studio

Barbara – EZ Studio: Let’s take a look at the interesting story of Barbara from Genshin Impact.  Barbara serves as the Deaconess of the Church of Favonius and is also a shining idol in Mondstadt. For Mondstadt, which is accustomed to traditional bards, “idol” is still a relatively new concept.

EZ Studio Barbara     

But in Mondstadt, everyone loves Barbara. This is the spirit of freedom in the City of Freedom, and Barbara is deeply grateful for the love everyone showers upon her.

EZ Studio Barbara

In fact, not only emotions but also wounds and physical discomfort can be healed together. People know that Barbara can release miraculous magic through her Hydro Vision. But in Barbara’s heart, the most magical thing is nothing but “sincere effort.”

EZ Studio Barbara

The main pose is well depicted, and she is wearing a white swimsuit inside, with her hair in a curly state.

EZ Studio Barbara

Upon closer inspection, not only has the back been treated with muscle contour stretching, but there are also details of skin texture, and the skin makeup looks very realistic.

EZ Studio Barbara

In addition to depicting some muscle contours on the exposed parts of the body, makeup is used to simulate the texture of real skin. Shadow makeup is also applied to enrich the expression of texture.

EZ Studio Barbara

Fans of Genshin Impact may want to keep their eyes on this Barbara figure!

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