WuShuang Studio Bardock Figure

Exploring the Epic Journey and Fateful Destiny of Bardock in the Dragon Ball Universe

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WuShuang Studio Bardock

Bardock – WuShuang Studio

Bardock – WuShuang Studio: In the TV special “Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku,” during the invasion of Planet Kanassa, Bardock survived an attack by the warrior Dodoria and gained the ability of foresight through the Kanassan’s Psychic Power Ball. He later foresaw Frieza’s plan to destroy Planet Vegeta and tried to rally other Saiyans to confront Frieza.

WuShuang Studio Bardock

However, when the others refused, Bardock challenged Frieza’s army alone and was ultimately destroyed along with Planet Vegeta. (In the OVA “Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock,” he returns to the past and becomes a Super Saiyan on the Planet Vegeta.)

WuShuang Studio Bardock

Bardock has a sharply defined face, a muscular and well-proportioned body with visible muscle contours, and a visible four-pack on his abdomen. In his normal state in the manga and anime, he has crab-like hair, black hair color, and black eyebrows and pupils.

WuShuang Studio Bardock

In his battle state, his engorged muscles contract visibly, and his muscle contours are very pronounced, creating a strong aesthetic appeal. The feeling of bulging veins is also evident.

WuShuang Studio Bardock WuShuang Studio Bardock WuShuang Studio Bardock

The overall part of his pants is distinguished in color from the knee area, and the smoke part is shaped appropriately. The color scheme used is primarily earthy yellow gradient, which faithfully recreates the anime’s design and is visually appealing.

WuShuang Studio Bardock

Overall, it’s a very well-made figure that collectors will surely appreciate. Don’t miss out, collectors!

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