D-M Studio Broly Figure

Dive into the Details of the Legendary Super Saiyan's Epic Sculpture!

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D-M Studio Broly

Broly – D-M Studio

Broly – D-M Studio: Broly is a character in the classic Japanese anime “Dragon Ball Super” and its derivative works. He is one of the few surviving Saiyans and possesses potential far surpassing that of Vegeta.

D-M Studio Broly

D-M Studio Broly

The legendary Super Saiyan, in the history of Saiyan legends, appears once every thousand years as the strongest warrior in the entire universe. He has a bloodthirsty, ferocious, and combative nature, and possesses incredibly terrifying combat power. Broly is precisely this legendary Super Saiyan.

D-M Studio Broly D-M Studio Broly

The facial details, including the hairstyle, follow the animation’s design very well, and the hair also has a gradient effect. The exposed parts of the body are painted in flesh tones, highlighting his muscular contours.

D-M Studio Broly

The transparency of the aura effects behind the figure is excellent, allowing the patterns of the waves to be visible. It matches the style of the character very well, and the color texture of the rock on the platform is also realistically rendered.

D-M Studio Broly D-M Studio Broly

Upon closer inspection, the clarity of the muscle contours makes it even more apparent that every muscle is exerting force! Overall, the details of this figurine are very well-crafted.

This time, the character will come with a roaring open-mouthed head sculpt and a gritting teeth power-up head sculpt. The character stands in mid-air on top of a green light effect piece. Both heads’ eyes can light up, as well as the effect piece. The platform and effect piece have three lighting modes: constant mode, breathing mode, and flashing mode, providing more visual display options for fans. The pre-order will include a head sculpt stand and an exclusive bonus: “Baby Broly” (can be displayed separately as desired!).

D-M Studio Broly

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