LAST SLEEP Studio Broly Figure

Exploring Broly's Astonishing Evolution and Unprecedented Strength in "Dragon Ball

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LAST SLEEP Studio Broly

Broly – LAST SLEEP Studio

Broly – LAST SLEEP Studio: LAST SLEEP has just announced an incredible figure in their lineup.  From the popular Dragon Ball series, here comes Broly!  Broly’s legendary transformation, officially named the Legendary Super Saiyan. Possesses an extremely terrifying combat power. Bloodthirsty, fierce, and belligerent, with the ability to destroy planets with a single blow. After the Legendary Super Saiyan Transformation, the hair turns slightly green instead of the normal golden color of a Super Saiyan. The hair turns golden during power bursts, and pupils disappear after transformation, with muscles rapidly inflating.

LAST SLEEP Studio Broly

The gradient paint on the green hair catches the eye, fierce dual eyes, and the shading of the skin creates an impressive look. The surging muscles seem ready to burst forth.

LAST SLEEP Studio Broly

The muscle lines are very well-defined, exuding a strong sense of beauty! The contrast between the scar on the chest and the muscle texture creates a great sense of depth.

LAST SLEEP Studio Broly

The body’s posture is slightly tilted backward, giving a sense of looking up to the sky and howling. The powerful chest muscles convey a strong sense of strength. The roaring open mouth brings about elongated changes in the facial muscles from the cheekbones to the chin.

LAST SLEEP Studio Broly

Even the battle attire version shows signs of wear from combat. The finely detailed green special effects piece on the platform is depicted meticulously, capturing both the intricacies and the paintwork.

LAST SLEEP Studio Broly LAST SLEEP Studio Broly LAST SLEEP Studio Broly

For those who are interested, you may want to keep an eye on this incredible figure!

LAST SLEEP Studio Broly

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