Calcifer Fire Demon Figure: Flaming Hot Collectible

Bring the Magic of Miyazaki's Classic Film to Your Desk with this Stunning Calcifer Figure

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The Studio Ghibli “Hayao Miyazaki Encounter Series” from the Hidden God Studio has launched a new product, the “Calcifer Fire Demon” from “Howl’s Moving Castle,” made of transparent material and shaped like a flame. The flame is crystal clear and has an LED light inside that can light up!


This Calcifer figure is 13cm tall, with a simple design featuring only the burning flame and a base made of wood. On either side of the base, there are two standing figures with their hands clasped together.


Compared to the animated version, this Calcifer figure has a very high degree of accuracy in its replication, with delicate and exquisite details, including the red charred wood beneath the flame.


The LED light inside the figure can be connected to a power source to light up, with two modes – steady light and breathing light – which create an atmospheric effect when lit in the dark.


The base of the figure has a soil texture that is also reflected by the flame. The delicate and adorable glass flame, combined with its small size, makes it a great item for desktop display and collection.

Calcifer Calcifer

This Calcifer Fire Demon figure from “Howl’s Moving Castle” in the Studio Ghibli “Hayao Miyazaki Encounter Series” is 13cm tall. It is expected to be shipped in the fastest time possible in the fourth quarter.

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