Super Studio’s Mario Figure Review

Relive Classic Gaming Moments with this Detailed Super Studio's Mario Figurine

by Gkloop
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Super Mario Super Studio

Super Studio’s Mario Figure

Super Studio launched a Mario jumping out of a water pipe statue today, with a simple yet classic design. Let’s take a deeper look at Super Studio’s Mario figure!Super Mario Super Studio

This Mario statue is 25 centimeters high and looks very dynamic as he jumps out of the water pipe. The chubby figure and powerful action are well replicated.

Super Mario Super Studio

The texture on Mario’s denim jeans and clothes is very delicate. The surface of the gloves and boots also has texture, and even the beard and sideburns have many details.

Super Mario Super Studio

Even the seams of the pants are clearly visible, and the SUPER MARIO English relief on the green water pipe is super classic.

Super Mario Super Studio Super Mario Super Studio Super Mario Super Studio

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