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From Insectoid Origins to Ultimate Form: The Fascinating Journey of Cell from Dragon Ball Z

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Break Studio Cell

Cell – Break Studio

Cell – Break Studio: Cell, a character from the classic Japanese anime “Dragon Ball” and its derivatives. Created by Dr. Gero, he is the ultimate artificial being, possessing cells from numerous masters, with the goal of absorbing Android 17 and Android 18 to achieve his perfect form.

Break Studio Cell

He forcefully absorbed Android 17 and later, thanks to Vegeta, absorbed Android 18 to become his perfect form. He defeated Vegeta and Trunks successively, and his battle with Goku was equally matched.

Break Studio Cell

However, upon the arrival of Gohan, in order to unleash Gohan’s power and suppress him, Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan 2 after the death of Android 16, quickly overwhelming Cell.

Break Studio Cell

After failing an attempt to self-destruct, due to Saiyan cells, he resurrected with greatly enhanced power. He effortlessly defeated Trunks, injured Gohan’s left arm, and momentarily gained the upper hand against Gohan’s Kamehameha with his own Kamehameha. Yet, he was ultimately defeated and killed by Gohan, who, inspired by Goku, unleashed his full power.

Break Studio Cell

Cell’s design originated from Dr. Gero, the true leader of the Red Ribbon Army (later known as Android 20), who created him as the ultimate artificial being. The process involved using microscopic robots to collect cells from all masters (including extraterrestrial beings that came to Earth), preserving their strengths and cellular memories through genetic technology, forming an embryo, and developing it into Cell.

Break Studio Cell

His initial form resembled a large insect with an irregular face, and the stinger on his tail could be used to absorb people/human essence, assimilating their traits and learning any techniques, thereby enhancing his combat capabilities. After absorbing Android 17 and 18, he achieved his perfect form and began to resemble humans more.

Break Studio Cell

Cell’s personality is a fusion of numerous individuals’ personalities based on his original character (his enjoyment of seeing distorted human expressions might be influenced by Piccolo’s cells). After successfully creating Android 19, Dr. Gero continued his work on artificial beings, culminating in the creation of Cell.

Break Studio Cell

Cell’s abilities involve using bee-sized machines to collect data and cells from all masters, combining the collected data and cells to form an embryo, which grows into Cell. As a result, Cell gains access to battle techniques and special moves of experts from around the world.

Break Studio Cell

Cell’s power slightly surpasses that of the Super Saiyan 2 Gohan of that time (according to the description of Lightning Cell in Daizenshuu 2, it’s implied that post-self-destruction and resurrection, Cell was the strongest being at that time).

Break Studio Cell Break Studio Cell

Overall, it’s a quite impressive work. Those who enjoy collecting should definitely not miss out!

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