Creation-Studios Pyra Figure (NSFW)

Exploring the Intriguing Persona and Powers of the "Heavenly Holy Grail" in the popular game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2!

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Creation-Studios Pyra

Pyra – Creation-Studios

Pyra – Creation-Studios: Known to the world as the legendary “Heavenly Holy Grail,” an extraordinary “Aegis” created directly by the gods of the underworld, a subspecies of life with the appearance no different from that of a young and full-bodied human woman. Yet, possessing formidable abilities that make ordinary mortals hesitate. She forms a deep bond with the young salvager boy, Rex.

Creation-Studios Pyra

Adorned with vibrant fiery short hair and pupils, a verdant green core crystal shaped like a cross embedded on her chest, her attire is also daring. Possessing the power to manipulate flames or thermal energy, her weapon of choice is a sword capable of spewing forth splendid flames.

Creation-Studios Pyra

Pyra’s nature is gentle, her demeanor elegant and graceful, maintaining an air of refined charm in her interactions. She enjoys and excels at cooking, embodying a virtuous disposition suited for homemaking.

Creation-Studios Pyra

When facing danger, she exerts all efforts to provide support and cooperation, even willing to sacrifice herself to safeguard her comrades. Though occasionally displaying a mischievous side, she possesses keen observation skills and can focus on a matter, thereby uncovering concealed truths.

Creation-Studios Pyra

In addition to the Anime head, the figure also comes available with your choice for a realistic head.  Here are some pictures of the realistic head sculpt!

Creation-Studios Pyra Creation-Studios Pyra Creation-Studios Pyra Creation-Studios Pyra Creation-Studios Pyra

It also comes available with a fabric sweater for some versions.  With so many features included with the figure, it’s truly an incredible figure to own!

Creation-Studios Pyra Creation-Studios Pyra Creation-Studios Pyra

Overall, it’s a commendable creation. Fans of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 should keep an eye on this masterpiece.

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