CM Studio’s Slowpoke and Psyduck Figure!

Enjoy Lazy Summer Days with These Adorable Pokémon

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Slowpoke Psyduck CM Studio

CM Studio’s Slowpoke and Psyduck Figure

CM Studio’s slowpoke and psyduck figure has been announced!

Slowpoke Psyduck CM Studio

The body of Psyduck is yellow, with very small pupils in its eyes. Its beak is flat, and it has three black hairs on its head. Its limbs are short and sturdy, resembling a kappa. It has a short tail and webbed feet.

Slowpoke Psyduck CM Studio

Slowpoke is pink all over and slightly chubby. Its ears are curled, and its large round eyes have small pupils, giving it a vacant expression. Its mouth is buttery yellow, and two teeth can be seen on its upper jaw. It has short limbs, with claws on its hands and feet, and a long pink tail with a light pink tip.

Slowpoke Psyduck CM Studio

This summer, CM Studio collaborated to create this adorable duo of Slowpoke and Psyduck. Their first meeting was a magical moment, with the two Pokémon gazing into each other’s eyes and feeling a special connection.

Slowpoke Psyduck CM Studio

On the left, Slowpoke is enjoying a lazy summer day, while on the right, Psyduck holds an ice cream cone and gazes foolishly at Slowpoke. The scene is just too cute!

It’s hard to resist taking these two adorable Pokémon home. Don’t hesitate, hurry up and get yours now, my dear friends!



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